ZUBA-16/123 is a proprietary blend of acrylic, SBR and special co-polymeric resins, resulting in a multipurpose bonding adhesive and concrete admixture, used for remarkably increasing water resistance, compressive & tensile strength, resistance against weathering, erosion, corrosion, carbonation and chlorination, thus compensating many deficiencies of the mortar mix .Ideal for construction of water tight bodies as well as such applications where fast setting & non-shrinking properties of mortars are desired. Due to good water impermeability, ZUBA-16/123 modified mortars can be used for protection of steel reinforcements within concrete. High alkali and salinity resistance makes it an ideal admixture for sub-soil and coastal area constructions. Damp rise problems are effectively restricted by using proper proportions of ZUBA-16/123.


  • High Strength Concrete
  • Basements, Tanks & Pools
  • Damp-rise Resistant Plaster
  • Industrial Floor & Screeds
  • Tile Fixing & Grouting
  • Machinery Foundations
  • Seismic Zone Construction
  • Flexible Waterproof Cementitious Slurries