Rumble strips (Alert Strips or Rumble Bars) are a Multi-Purpose, traffic calming product which comes in modules/sections so you can create paths as long as you need. Our Heavy Duty Plastic Rumble Strips come in both yellow and black secttions/options. Our Rumble Strips are quick and easy to install on site and can be used for a huge variety of uses. Traffic Rumble Strips are ideal also as being used as an alternative to Speed Humps, as they can alert the driver well ahead of time and can also create the vehicle-slowing effect over a longer distance vs a single, larger speed bump. Our Rumble Strips are made from highly durable, polyurethane which is 100% recyclable.

Each rumble strip section is built from a High-Vis Yellow, or a vibrant and contrasting black sections make these Rumble Strips dramatically visual and acts as a great visual warning and deterrent for vehicles and drivers. Northpac Rumble Strips can be used to safely separate traffic lanes, without the need for traffic delineator posts or a traffic barrier which can restrict vision and tends to be an eye sore. Our Plastic Rumble Strips are ideal in retail car parks, warehouses, residential and civil road works and commercial businesses.

DID YOU KNOW: Plastic Rumble Strips can also be used as a Heavy Duty Wall Guard? – Each rumble strip section can be fixed directly to walls, protecting your building from trolleys, forklifts, workplace machinery and delivery vehicles.


  • Modular Plastic Sections mean our rumble strips can conform to (reasonable) road variances
  • Rumble Strip Sections come in 500mm lengths
  • Non-Slip Surface ensures vehicle safety and control at all times
  • Plastic Rumble Strip made from High Strengh, PU Plastic
  • Striking Yellow and Black colours help as a vehicle and driver warning
  • Our Rumble Strips come with pre-drilled holes, so you can install these quick and easy with a single installer